Transformational Street Dance

We believe that Dance can enable a wide range of young people to be more active as well as be a powerful platform for us to impart life skills to young people. We provide a wide range of Dance disciplines from Hip Hop to musical theatre. Sessions are fun and vibrant and encourage the personality of each individual to be released and celebrated. Each Dance session delivered by a KICK Coach will also embed a KICK value throughout to encourage each pupil to be challenged in their thinking, their attitude and their approach.

Each half-term our Transformational Dance curriculum enables learners to focus on a different style. They are taught the techniques of each style and are given opportunities to choreograph their own dance routines to demonstrate what they have learnt. We seek to develop the confidence of each learner by allowing Dance freestyle activities in the session. This enables them to create and find movement that is natural to their bodies and within the context of Dance.

Some of the Dance Style we deliver are:

• Street Dance – Hip Hop Grooves
• Street Dance – Locking, Popping and House
• Street Dance – Breakdancing 
• Street Dance – Freestyle 
• Cheerleading 
• Contemporary Improvisation (New)
• Musical Theatre