Solutions Focused Mentoring

Our Solutions Focused Mentoring provision is a crucial service, which can make a huge impact on the lives of the young people that we work with.

We use the Solutions Focused approach in Mentoring to develop young people and see them find the solutions they need for the challenges they face in their bespoke situations. This builds upon the development of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and according to Mark Beyerbach’s research in Spain, the approach not only increases a young person’s sense of self-efficacy but changes their thinking patterns at home as well as at school. We believe mentoring has the potential to refocus attention on to an individual’s own strengths and can empower them to make positive decisions for themselves that will build confidence and responsibility.

Mentor, Coach, Counsellor, Adviser It is important to distinguish between the variety of practises that exist to work with learners one-to-one. We have selected Mentoring as an approach as it taps into all four quadrants of engagement. It can be directive, facilitative and have a range of transference of expertise. There are also elements of coaching practises in mentoring provision. We believe this enables a dynamic service to meet the need of the young people we work with.

This programme looks to challenge behaviours and support young people by developing the following areas:








Managing Feelings


Social Skills

The service is fully assessed exploring a learner’s distance travelled in order to show progress and demonstrate impact.

Our mentoring provision is fully assessed. Following a referral from the school pastoral manager learners complete a specific Distance Travelled Assessment using Outcomes Star methodology. They are assessed each half term to chart progress and demonstrate impact. This often builds learners confidence as they see incremental gains as they improve and this enables the school to see the development of their children and young people.

What Makes Kick’s Mentoring Sessions Different?



Our mentors are Sports or Dance coaches able to engage young people through their specialism one-to-one and act as role models


Values Driven

Our mentoring is delivered with strong values with the young person at the centre.


Male Mentors

We have a large proportion of male mentors, which often provide strong role model relationships to challenging male learners.

“Knowing that the students have the ability to speak with one of the KICK mentors has been invaluable. Students have found it important that mentors are not school staff, but aware that substantial concerns will be passed on to the Safeguarding Team, and it has meant that the school is more aware of their vulnerabilities than ever before”.
Stephen Burns, Head of School, The Green School for Girls