Kick Camps

Kick Camps


KICK is delighted to be delivering KICK Camps across a number of Schools this Summer. Our KICK Camps consist of a wide range of inclusive and engaging Sports and Dance programmes.

If you have been informed that your School is hosting an KICK Camp and you would like to know more, please contact
KICK COVID Safety Procedures
We are committed to ensuring that our KICK Camps provide a safe environment for all children and staff, adhering to Government guidelines around safe practice and social distancing measures as identified in the recent Government Guidance ‘Protective measures for holiday or after-school clubs and other out-of-school settings for children during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak’ and ‘COVID-19: Actions for out-of-school settings’. 
  • ARRIVAL: All children will be asked to wash their hands upon arrival.
  • WASHING HANDS: Children and staff to wash hands before and after each activity.
  • GROUPS: Based on the updated government guidance (July 21), a bubble system will not be required, however children will work in groups assigned by the KICK Camp lead.
  • CLEANING OF EQUIPMENT: Equipment will be cleaned after use.
  • ACTIVITIESActivities have been adapted to reduce the need to share equipment within groups whilst activities will take place outdoors as much as possible. When using indoor space, areas are to be well ventilated.
KICK Camp Control Measures

KICK Camps adhere to the following Control Measures:

  1. Ensure good hygiene for everyone
  2. Maintain appropriate cleaning regimes
  3. Keep occupied spaces well ventilated
  4. Follow public health advice on testing, self-isolation and managing confirmed cases of COVID-19

KICK’s COVID-19 Risk Assessment can be viewed here:KICK Camp Risk Assessment – Updated July 21

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