What is the KICK Internship Programme?

With KICK moving national in 2021, we are committed to developing new leaders in sports ministry across the country through our latest Internship Programme. The KICK Internship is a 1-year bespoke programme which enables interns to be fully competent and job ready to deliver within Physical Education/Dance, Mentoring and Chaplaincy KICK contracts.

KICK interns will have a certain amount of learning time, shadowing and delivery time each week with the concept of paid independent delivery growing more as the programme develops. Interns will also have intensive internal training across all KICK services and placed on a minimum of one accredited sporting qualifications. Qualifications are separated into the themes and all have a relevance to the working job and requires self-study, practical or written exams which will be internally assessed and verified by the Quality team.

The Interns week will consist of 4 days of delivery and one day of study and lectures although the option of part time is availble. The day of study will be around our themes that have been chosen to optimise the development of the interns on the programme.

The Six Themes are:

Physical Education & Extra Curriculum provision

Solutions Focused Mentoring



Work Competency

High Level Teaching

Benefits for KICK interns:

There are a range of benefits for KICK interns to enjoy. KICK interns will be:
1. Fully supported and trained by KICK Qualified coaches
2. Receive regular sports training and biblical teaching

3. Receive a minimum of one sporting qualification

4. Gain possible opportunities within our marketing and fundraising production
5. Paid travel expenses
6. Gather schools and community work experience
7. Have sessional payments for sessions completed independently
8. Gain the opportunity to travel and partner in establishing KICK in new areas of the UK
9. Opportunity of progression to Contracted Coach
10. Become part of a team focused on mission


Please send your CV and covering letter to our Office Manager –

Your covering letter should include the following areas and should clearly show how your skills and experience meet the requirements for this post.


Aspirational - We believe in being aspirational towards our young people and in all that we do.

How are your skills and experience relevant to this post?

Compassionate – We believe in showing compassion to every young person we engage with.

Please tell us about your experiences as a Christian and how you have shown compassion within interactions with children and young people.

Excellence – We believe in thriving for excellence in every area of our work and learning.

Please tell us about your previous educational experiences? What are you particularly interested in learning and developing through the KICK Internship?


Intentional Relationships – We believe in taking opportunities and making intentional relationships with both young people and partners of KICK.

How are you suited to serving and developing the work of KICK?

Integrity – We strive to be a people of integrity in our actions and all our decision making.

What makes you stand out from others to make us bring you in for an interview?

If you do have any questions, please connect