Chaplaincy is key service, which permeates the life of a school and all involved. It is our mission at KICK to transform young people’s lives with God’s love and we believe that the role of Chaplain can make a significant impact at a school. We abide by the Christian Chaplaincy in Schools National Standards for our approach to schools’ based Chaplaincy.

Chaplaincy has traditionally been a distinctive feature of universities and colleges and of many church-based schools. Outside the educational context, Chaplaincy has been a feature of the armed forces, of prisons and hospitals and of other institutional situations. Sports Chaplaincy is now commonplace in Football, Rugby Union, and Rugby League; there are over 151,000 more Sports Chaplaincy opportunities across the UK.

The Seven Key Dimensions of School Chaplaincy:

  • Pastoral – Being present and available to spend time as a trusted adult with a child or children, helping them to engage with particular issues or situations.
  • Worshipful – Creating, shaping and leading formal and informal worship within School.
  • Spiritual – Representing the spiritual dimension of human experience and life in community.
  • Missional – Conveying the ‘Good News’ of God to those with whom they have contact.
  • Servant-hearted – We want our Chaplains to serve the needs of School and model this to learners.
  • Prophetic – Presenting truth whenever it is needed within a school to be present, consistent, confident and open about its Christian identity.
  • Pedagogic – Demonstrating the living out of the Christian faith by example and through the activities, as well as through session delivery in RE, PE and PSHE.