PE National Curriculum


We believe that through active and exciting sports provision, we can see young people further engage with education and have an enriched experience of school. We deliver PE National Curriculum as well as breakfast, lunchtime and after school clubs in a range of sports. Our curriculum seeks to ensure that young people are introduced to a wide range of Sports both within and outside the National Curriculum to enrich their experience. It is varied, mapped to the National Curriculum with a bespoke full Scheme of Work across all of our sports.

The Scheme of Work builds the young people towards each competitive sport and this can be tailored to fit with the needs of the school and the learner. We provide skilled coaches to deliver these services to guarantee a high standard of delivery and are constantly looking to
improve the quality of our provision. Some of the Sports that we provide include:

• Football
• Tag-Rugby
• Hockey
• Athletics
• Gymnastics
• Basketball
• Netball
• Tennis
• Cricket
• Paralympic Sports (New)
• Korfball (New)
• Boxing (New)
• Flag Football (New)
• Table Tennis (New)
• Handball (New)
• Jag-Tag (New)